Saturday, January 3, 2015

30 Paintings In 30 Days Challenge Day No. 3 - Black Capped Chickadee by Mary Beth Brath

Black Capped Chickadee by Mary Beth Brath

I have taken the challenge by Leslie Saeta to complete 30 paintings in 30 days. Each painting will be 6x6" on canvas paper. I picked a theme of birds to keep me focused. The 30 birds chosen as subject matter are all birds that I have spotted over the years. Most are common in my region.
 Painting No. 3
The Black Capped Chickadee is a common companion of mine when I paint plein air. In front of our family cabin we have a row of pine trees that have succumbed to various "growths". The chickadees love crawling around the branches and filling their stomachs with whatever chickadees eat.
The paintings are available for purchase at $100 each - unframed. Shipping included. Sales tax of 6% if in the state of Pennsylvania. Contact me at


  1. So glad to be back home where I have reliable internet access - and loving seeing your latest two pieces! The texture behind the chickadee is phenomenal!

    1. Thank you Claire. I am really enjoying the challenge.