Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Little Wren House That Peter Built by Mary Beth Brath

Notice the wren on the branch in the top left of the picture below.

My son Peter built a little wren house many years ago in Cub Scouts. It was never painted and it sat in the darkness of our garage.  This past Sunday was Mother's Day.  I decided to paint the bird house myself and finally put it to use.  On Monday (yesterday) I finished the project and hung it just off of my porch so I could watch for action. Today (Tuesday) I watched a little wren hop around the tree and chirp like mad. Wow.  So soon??
After the school bus came in the afternoon, my youngest son Andy and I went out to measure the hole and make sure the dimensions were up to "spec". (I am married to a Civil Engineer...when the wren was so noisy it worried me that the hole may be too small.)
We measured.  The hole was perfect although it should have been higher from the floor.  We walked about 10 feet away and I heard the wren.  We turned and watched the little bird hop onto the bird house and go inside for a look around. He...or she...stuck it's head out of the hole for a few seconds before flying off.  My son and I hugged.
While typing this post, the builder of the bird house "Peter Built" (ha ha) came in from school and said "Hey Mom, I saw the bird house and I think a bird was on it."
This was such a fun day!
Carpe Diem!