Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunflower on Bible - Number 2 of 50 Daily Paintings in 50 Days by Mary Beth Brath

50 Daily Paintings Challenge

"Sunflower on Bible"
Number 2 of 50 ATC Mini Daily Paintings in 50 Days
Heavy Acrylic on  2 1/2" x 3 1/2" ATC Linen Canvas Paper

On Friday September 2nd, I didn't get a chance to paint until after midnight.  Determined to stay on task, I sat down at the kitchen table and painted this little sweetie.  I attended First Friday in Lancaster PA and visited my favorite Lancaster Artist Christiane David.  So inspired by her work once again, I was driven to do a sunflower. I had a couple in a vase that I gathered while plein air painting at Windmill Creek Studios.  I placed the flower on my bible and intended to have the writing in the background, but I just couldn't get that to look right so I left the background solid.


  1. Terrific addition to your challenge, Mary Beth! I really like the bluish-violets that you have worked into the center of the sunflower.
    (Do you know that I still have a sunflower bloom from our visit to the Olson farm?)

  2. Beautiful and such rich colors that bring this pretty sunflower to life!

  3. Thanks Claire - these little ATCs are great for trying new things and making sure I paint everyday. Some I am going to use as studies for huge canvases.