Friday, April 8, 2011

The Braths Go To New York - BWAC

In March Phillip and I went to NYC with our 4 boys. Great trip! The photos are from a huge fine art gallery in Brooklyn called BWAC - Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition. I will be having my first NYC exhibit this July at BWAC. The above photo shows the boys taking part in an interactive piece of art at BWAC.
This is Phillip and the boys standing outside of the gallery on the Brooklyn Waterfront.

Culture Happens!! Ha Ha. Not sure if the boys will ever be the same.

This is Fritz Weiss and his wife and I. Fritz is on the board of BWAC and he now has a studio within the gallery that I help run in Mechanicsburg PA. Thank you Fritz for the opportunity to show in NYC! I can't wait!

See the website for BWAC at


  1. Beautiful family Mary Beth.!! Maybe I'll see you at the BWAC in July.

  2. Awesome opportunity... so happy for you!

  3. Cool on you, Mary Beth! I will see your work, and maybe you, there. (If I'm in town; vacation time...)


  4. Hilda - would love to meet you in person. Hope to see you in July.

  5. Virginia - stop by if you are in town that day. I am working on special pieces to take to NYC, but some may be ones that you saw while in my studio at Gallerie 13.