Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Talking With Observers While Painting On Location

Gettysburg Festival Plein Air Event - 2009
Friends Painting Along the Auto Tour

Certain questions seem to pop up over and over. Sometimes, people don't know what to ask, but would like to talk so it is a conversation starter. To others, it is a deep question and they are searching for an answer that will connect them to their own dreams. Whatever the intention of the initial question, this is a chance to share your background...a little.

To me, the joy comes from watching hope appear on the face of the observer.
Perhaps they are thinking "Can I do this?" or "I always wanted to do this" or my favorite "If she is doing it then I know I can". That is just one of the reasons that I love to paint plein air in front of the public. While living my dream, demonstrating in front of others can get them to reach for their dreams.


  1. Amen. We are living our dream and are blessed to be out in the open air observing and recording through the canvas the abundance of glory all around us. It's a great life. You've said it well.

  2. Good for you Mary Beth. I'm sure you are an inspiration to many.