Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Peepers by Mary Beth Brath

Spring Peepers
Daily Painter of Pennsylvania Mary Beth Brath
9x12" Acrylic on Canvas
Spring Peepers was started on site "plein air" and finished in my studio. If you look to the right of the tree, you will see little tiny green frogs. This was early spring and the peepers were so loud! The willow was just starting to bloom and the bushes all had that gorgeous new red growth (well...alizarin crimson in painter's lingo). The scene is from Lower Allen Community Park.


  1. The Spring Peepers - a true harbinger of warmer weather here in Pennsylvania. They are loud, but I love to hear them 'sing'. Great painting, Mary Beth. The dull reds and pinks in the background really set off the green grasses, and those tiny green peepers.

  2. mary,
    the 'spring peepers' is a great painting...
    good color combination, composition and execution...

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments. Stay in touch.