Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One of My Favorite Artists - PA Artist Fern Coppedge

Fern Isabelle Coppedge
(image from google images)

Pennsylvania Artist Fern Coppedge is one of my favorites. Her courage and use of color inspires me. I found this image on google and decided to share it. I felt a connection to this artist as soon as I saw her work about 6 years ago.

Funny, in high school art classes in the 1980s, I learned about the French Impressionists.  I never knew about the Pennsylvania Impressionists until many years later.



  1. I share your respect and admiration for this amazing Pennsylvania Impressionist. I first saw her work at the Michener Museum in Bucks County, and was astounded at her use of color and form.

    I'd love for something like this to be a feature on the DPP blog...we all have artists we admire -and the reasons why can be very enlightening!

  2. Thanks for commenting Claire. Do you think we should do a labels type gadget for the sidebar and as members mention their favorite PA artists the names would appear on the sidebar for a sort? Our state is soooo rich in art history.

  3. I agree with you, Mary Beth, that our art history in school was lacking. The Scalp Level School was a group of artists from Pittsburgh who would come to the Johnstown (Scalp Level) area to paint. A very successful group. I never knew about them, either.

  4. Thanks Pat. I will look up the Scalp Level group.