Friday, August 12, 2011

Recently Sold Paintings in North Jersey by Mary Beth Brath

Sold - The Willow at Pheasant Field Inn Bed & Breakfast
20x24" Acrylic on Canvas

Last month a long time client and supporter of mine from Northern New Jersey bought 2 paintings from me while I was visiting.  Thanks C!

The other painting that sold was a smaller romantic french scene that may be used for a dust jacket on an upcoming novel she plans to publish. That image has not been released online.


  1. That willow is the scene stealer here. It is so magical and always whimsical (the tree itself, I mean). Such a beautiful painting!

  2. Congratulations Mary Beth!! Beautifully painted. Love that Willow tree!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by the blog ladies. Willows are a favorite of mine. I find them terribly romantic.