Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Plein Air in the Evening at Pinchot State Park by Mary Beth Brath

On May 29th, our family went to the lake to canoe and explore.  When we went to unload, we realized we forgot the oars.  My husband headed back home, the boys played and fished and I set up my easel OF COURSE.

I finished most of the painting before my husband returned - about 30 minutes - I was in my own race against time.

I came back to shore with my canoe a little before dark so I could finish the painting.  My son took a picture of me at the easel.  The next morning, I cleaned up the colors in the water and called it complete.

This is the third painting of this same area. All are different. One sold last year, one is in my home and this one will go out to one of my galleries.

8x10" Acrylic on Canvas
Pinchot State Park.


  1. Talk about a Quick Draw! Great job.

  2. Thanks Pat. Can't wait to paint with you again. I really miss those paint outs we had a couple of years ago.

  3. I love this painting, Mary Beth. It would take me 30 minutes just to set up! Great job as always.

  4. Thanks for commenting Hilda. Yes - set up takes me a while also. The paintings don't usually go this smoothly, but I am working on completing my plein air 8x10" paintings in under 2 hours.