Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Corner of the Bedroom by Mary Beth Brath

Corner of the Bedroom
4x4" Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Holbein Water Soluble Oils
This is a quick study using Holbein Watersoluble Oils. I was not feeling well last week and I decided to get some painting done while resting. The picture hanging on the wall is of another one of my own paintings. The jewelry box was my Mother's and the vase is 1920's Art Pottery in my favorite color. In the left corner is my, I don't know how to play, but would love to learn. Really this little painting is a self portrait.


  1. Well I love the whole painting within a painting thing. It would be neat to see this hanging next to the original painting.

  2. A very nice story composition. This would be wonderful handed down to one of your boys. Hope you are feeling better.