Sunday, January 16, 2011

House in Boiling Springs by Mary Beth Brath

House in Boiling Springs PA
12x16" Acrylic on Canvas
Sold through Gallerie 13 in December 2010
Selling artwork is funny. An artist studies for a lifetime and ultimately paints for thousands of hours. We invest our lives and money in our work. When we finish a painting what do we do? Sell them to buy more canvas and paint.
I find myself wondering about the pieces after they sell. Even miss them. But mostly overwhelmed with the thought that they are making someone happy. And my passion for painting grows even more. I will never paint enough and the journey goes on...


  1. I love this painting, Mary Beth! Very soft and the wonderful colors of the flowers...I'm sooo looking forward to the Spring.

  2. Beautiful painting, Mary Beth! I agree wth the sentiment on selling painting - buying more supplies. My last painting money is going in a fund to pay for gas so I can go paint plein aire this spring, lol!