Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blogging is a Modern Form of Journaling by Mary Beth Brath

I have been told by many people that "journaling" is a great way to sort out ideas and feelings. I usually roll my eyes. Recently I realized blogging is a form of journaling but on a public level. Blogging is a way to communicate our thoughts to others. While staying still and quiet long enough to figure out what to type, I sort out the idea that is running around in my head. This is what I discovered today...
My Paintings Are My Form Of Journaling. I take the scene in front of me and try to communicate my feelings through the piece of art. (Now you are rolling your eyes) I guess I journal in a visual way every time I paint.
This painting was completed "en plein air" this summer at our family cabin in Northwestern PA.
While painting, I was thinking of my past. Mostly my deceased parents and brother. There is a journal in my mind of the day and the memories that only I can read while I look at the painting. My blog post is the public form of my journal.
OK - now back to painting...

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  1. great post Mary Beth. I see that you put a lot of your feelings through this painting. Beautiful, peaceful piece...wonderful job on the pine tree and background.